Project Planning

Conceptual floor plans for Tulikivi masonry heaters


The drawings show three simplified examples of how a Tulikivi can be included in your home design. Corner units and cook tops have been left out to simplify the illustration, but they can be found along with many other examples in the Project Planning area and images on this website. Contact MHDH to discuss your project plans.

Central - This drawing shows a centrally located, top vented, see-through Tulikivi with oven and is common in North America for both new construction and existing homes because it provides heat from all sides of the fireplace,maximizing the amount of heat radiated. This Tulikivi could also be single sided, with oven on either side. Corner model Tulikivi's are also available.
Central layout

Stepped In This drawing shows a single sided, top vented Tulikivi with an oven that has been stepped away from the wall to provide more heat to the room and add comfortable living space behind the Tulikivi. The oven is optional, corner units are available and base venting is possible.
Stepped In layout

Existing Fireplace / Outside Chimney - This drawing shows the familiar open hearth fireplace or stove. Many, traditional open hearth fireplaces and stoves are located on an "outside wall". In many cases there is a second fireplace or flue opening in the basement. With proper site preparation, existing fireplaces and flues can be used for venting a Tulikvi.
Existing Fireplace/Outside Chimney layout