Eco-Friendly Technology

Environmentally responsible radiant wood heat.

Masonry heat is comforting and carbon neutral.

Download Tulikivi's Green Leaflet (pdf, 1.5MB)

Ecologists generally agree that wood is carbon neutral. Carbon dioxide released while using your Tulikivi is reabsorbed by trees in the environment and turned back into carbon in the form of wood. The element carbon in wood accounts for about half the weight of wood.

Whether a tree burns in your Tulikivi or decomposes in the forest, it will release the same amount of carbon into the environment in the form of carbon dioxide, methane and other gases. Hypothetically, this cycle can be repeated indefinitely. Fossil fuel can make no such claim.

In the U.S., the EPA has concluded that if more fossil fuels were supplemented by biomass fuels, the control of the “greenhouse effect” could be achieved.
Clean air – inside and out
A healthy heating system is not defined by the number of BTU's it produces, but by the quality of heat that is produced. A Tulikivi fireplace emits a soft, consistent, radiant heat for long periods of time. This heat warms the people, pets, plants, walls and furnishings in a gentle way leaving the air inside fresh and healthy.

Less air movement and healthy walls are the keys for a clean and healthy air inside. This is how radiant heat differs favorably from the harsh convection heat from a traditional stove.

A Tulikivi fireplace burns wood quickly and completely (over 80% efficiency) extracting virtually all of the available energy. The resulting emissions are at a fraction of the world's strictest requirements resulting in greatly reduced carbon monoxide emissions.

Just a couple of loads of wood are sufficient to heat any room, and heat will be radiated for over 24 hours.