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“You can relax around a masonry heater...”

A Tulikivi masonry heater creates a relaxing ambiance.

A Tulikivi masonry heater creates a relaxing ambiance.

My experience in the hearth industry is primarily with Tulikivi masonry heaters, wood and gas fireplaces and stoves and venting products. Knowledge of other types of masonry heaters, bake-ovens, cook-tops and “alternative” energy products comes from a life time of interest in the industry both from a grass roots and manufacturing perspective. Seven years in the hearth industry designing, installing, and troubleshooting the requests and wishes of prospective buyers of wood burning hearth products, made it clear that masonry heating is often overlooked and misunderstood in North America.

For that reason the Masonry Heater Design House was created. A place to express your fireplace ideas in three dimensions, define the major components of the project, create a project plan, and begin thinking about financial considerations and resources available. An early assessment of the project can help offset costs and provide opportunities to enhance design, use and enjoyment for the people living in the home.
I am a member of the Masonry Heaters Association (MHA) and the American Society of Metals (ASM). I have a bachelor of materials engineering degree from Western Michigan University, with experience in alternative energy technologies, metallurgy and failure analysis. In addition, travel nationally and internationally, to see, attend or participate in masonry heater installations, workshops, showrooms, expos, and manufacturers facilities, gives me a broad sense of the terms “masonry heater” and “sustainable” and a better understanding of the many design choices and installation methods available worldwide to potential masonry heater owners.

I was familiar with masonry heaters from early Mother Earth News magazines and from 2001-2008 took a position as project manager for the mid-west distributor for the Tulikivi brand of masonry heaters. During that career, hundreds of masonry heaters of all shapes, sizes and configurations were designed, imported and installed through out the mid-west, each with its own geographic location, support structure, hearth design, clearances, flue system and requests by owners. Hundreds more were dreamed up and designed on paper but never built.

I am licensed and insured, and am still catering to the Tulikivi market as an independent provider of development, design, installation and consulting. I am also offering an expanded view of the masonry heater world with designs based on the customer's preference of manufacturers and materials.
  • Consultation and design with 3D graphics
  • Installation and maintenance of masonry heaters
  • Instructions for proper use and enjoyment of masonry heaters
  • In-home bake oven demonstrations for existing masonry heater owners
Location and Contact
Polishing up on my brick laying skills at MHA Masonry Heater Design House is located in Hickory Corners, Michigan along the North Country Trail east of Gull Lake and West of the Augusta Creek. We are surrounded by Michigan State University forest and dedicated green space in Ross township in the North East portion of Kalamazoo county. I can meet with you in my home or yours by appointment.

By Phone or Text Message: 269-598-5831
By E-mail: mhdh@tds.net. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.
Visit us on the web: www.MasonryHeaterDesignHouse.com

“Stay Warm this Winter” with Masonry Heat

Douglas Hren - Owner